MySQL database tutorial and latest news

Database Administrator Resume Sample

The Oracle DBA will support new and existing SQL Server instances and databases which would include monitoring, maintenance, and optimization for the software application. He / she will create and maintain procedures and documentation. The Database Administrator will test, install and maintain Database Management System software.


How to Become a Database Analyst?

A database analyst is someone who has studied the method of storing data is meeting an organization’s needs along with making data accessible, including coherent data that is electronically stored. This is a skill set similar to the role of database administrators. Database analysts have jobs waiting for them in such field as data processing, finance, education, and health care services.


Best Books to Learn MySQL for developers and DBAs

The SQL language is pretty easy to use and learn with little to no help. It is also a handy language to know if you know you will be working with large datasets stored in databases. There are all kinds of books out there to help you learn any programming languages there are books to learn php, dba books, javascript books, even a certification book for any language, and more.